Start To Success

The reason for me to write this article is that everyone in the current situation are feeling glum. Because many of us are jobless…………!

If you want a batter life, it is not easy to get in these days while sleeping all day on you bed or playing games or just watching YouTube, tiktok and Facebook etc.****up. make your routine from today or even from now on to start working even a little bit..

Look, to be friendly you have to work hard for achievement in your life and it is very tough. It not a movie or anime that you will get some super power and change your life in a moment. Real life is far away than our dreams. If you want your dream come true, work for it then.

You know what I was jobless too but now became junior WordPress developer in just 3 months and now I am working and really happy to be stable. You can also become financially stable if you start you work right away.

Once you get start working little by little it will create a large wave for your work and you will get result for that. If you think, you start a work and get result in that day, just forget it, it is impossible, you are an idiot then.

There are some basic tips I apply on myself first and it really worked so I want to share with you but you have to follow them for little bit longer time.

1| Paper Work:

You might think that what is paper work…?

It is the most basic part of getting start a work for yourself. Look first of all you have to write down your skills,(if you don’t have just forget it ) facilities you have, your environment, money you have, or lot of stuff like that. Let me explain it a little, Once you write down skills you have like you can work on a shop, work as engineer, as cook or as digital worker like graphic, web or marking, then arrange them in way that which one is easily available in your area first and which one has high demand. Do not worry about getting a job, just do it.

2| Research:

Once you complete your paper work the go for some research for each of them in detail either which is easily available and scope chart of every skill you have and find working hours for each one so you have to select the one which has less working hours for first time because when get start working with less hours you will be able to maintain your body routine. When you complete your research and make your mind for particular type of work then just go for the next step.

3|Time Table:

Time table is one of the most important thing for initial start because it is where everyone break their routine due to start with max time and gradually decrease their time because their body are not able to start work at that rate. Make sure that if you are working for 8hours then your body has ability to do otherwise you will lose it. So start with less hours and increase it gradually so your body will not get anxiety at all.

4| No Skills:

In my case initially I have no skills at all, So if you have no skill and spend your whole day to think which work to start then don’t worry.

There are lots of working platforms where you can start working and start your earning. I’m not talking about some copy/paste work which I hate the most but some real work. There is no short way to earn, you have to struggle for a longer period of time but and at the end you will get your result.

If you are interested to get high pay so start learning some digital skills. It can be any skill. It will take you some time to learn that skill but it will worth it. There are some basic or easy skill you can start with,

Article writing/ blog writing

Basic WordPress


Voice over

Virtual assistant

Most simple work is Affiliate Marketing.

These are some starting skills you can learn in just few weeks and start working.


If you are not interested in learning a skill at all and just want to earn then I have hard way as well.

So there are some work you can start without skill and earn with “picoworker”, “Humanatics”, “get”. etc. These website pay you very little but after working for a month you’ll get some result. So I suggest you whenever you start your work on theses platform just calculate your working hours and earning first. So what are you waiting for ? Just start right now…

But whenever you start your work just follow the first three rules given above…..

Hey... I'm graduate and junior WordPress developer and blogger, but new on this platform, I do like reading about nature as well as new tech around the world